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    Coalition mondiale contre la peine de mort

    Presse Web | December 2018

    Article on the Mandela Rules and death row prisoners, written with Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner, published on the website of the Coalition against death penalty :

    Prison Insider

    Presse Web | December 2018

    Interview on the initiative focusing on the adoption of specific standards related to conditions of detention and treatment of people on death raw, website of Prison insider :


    Interview of Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner & Nordine Drici | October 2018 <

    Interview on Radio France internationale, with Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner and Nordine Drici, on the occasion of the World Day against Death penalty (10th of October) on specific standards for the conditions of detention and treatement of death row prisoners. (By Véronique Gaymard).
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    Official RFI Podcast webpage:
    Chronique des Droits de l'Homme sur RFI

    Prison Insider

    Online Press | 2018-05-17

    As a result of the cooperation between the NGOs Planète Réfugiés-Droits de l'Homme (PRDH) and Prison Insider, the testimony (available in French) of a former detained previously held at Dhaka central Prison. Collected during the PRDH mission to Bangladesh carried ou in November 2017, this testimony describes the cruelty of the Bangladeshi prison system, as well as the widespread corruption and its human consequences. :


    Encounter & Interview Podcast | 2017-27-05 <

    Planète Réfugiés-Droits de l'Homme facilitated an interview between Radio France Internationale (RFI) with three human rights defenders carrying out a advocacy tour in Paris, before the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of Bangladesh in Geneva on the 14th of May. Hereafter the link to the interview, which tackles the situation in terms of Rule of Law and Human Rights in Bangladesh. (by Juliette Gheerbrant).
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    Online Press | 2018-04-22

    "Bangladesh, theater of the significant number of Human Rights violations, infringement of human dignity, occurrence of widespread torture, in addition to enforced disappearances".
    To read the interview (in French) of Nordine Drici on the website of Vision internationale :
    BANGLADESH. Human Rights at Risk.


    Interview with Nordine Drici | 2017-27-05

    Book: Bangladesh, «face à l'autoritarisme, les droits de l'homme en péril».
    Interview of Nordine Drici, Chairman of Planète Réfugiés-Droits de l’Homme, broadcasted on Radio France Internationale, regarding the book Bangladesh. Facing authoritarianism, Human Rights at Risk
    Interview on RFI (by Véronique Gaymard).
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    ND Consultance Editions

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    Documentary on Christmas Island (Australia) – Detention of migrants and asylum seekers. Commissioned by the Guardian and Bertha Foundation | Ajoutée le 13 avr. 2017

    Christmas Island, off the coast of Australia: here 50 million crabs make their slow and ancient migration from the jungle to the ocean's edge, while thousands of people seeking asylum are indefinitely held in a high security detention facility. Poh Lin, a trauma counsellor living on the island, bears witness to the dramatic stories and decline of those being detained.
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